No, Masculinity Isn’t To Blame For Manchester

The other night, we learned of a deadly attack in Manchester, England at an Ariana Grande concert. As more information became available, we learned that the attacker was a suicide bomber and he was apparently a Muslim.

More information came in and we learned he’d recently traveled to Libya, ostensibly to learn how to construct a bomb.

Sounds pretty clear, right?

Well, not for everyone.  This photograph is just one of these same arguments I’ve seen on Twitter over and over again.

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Why Do Feminists Seem So Preoccupied By Masculinity?

Have you ever heard the term “toxic masculinity” used?  I have.  More than once, actually.  It’s usually used to describe traditionally masculine virtues since feminists and FIMs see such virtues as heralds of the anti-christ or something.

15106273965_4f3bdf242a_hWell, it appears that American colleges and universities are actively trying to stomp out these virtues.

Universities across the nation are taking steps to actively purge male students of what’s been labeled “toxic masculinity.”

Examples abound of campuses hosting training sessions, group meetings, lectures and other programs to effectively cleanse what many campus leaders and left-leaning scholars contend is an unhealthy masculinity in young men today.

On campus, toxic masculinity is often blamed for sexual violence, body shaming, a “hyper-masculinized sporting culture,” acts of domestic terrorism and much more.

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On ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Recently, the subject of “toxic masculinity” came up and I thought I’d write something about it.

Photo by Lauri Heikkinen
Photo by Lauri Heikkinen

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “toxic masculinity” is a term used in feminist circles used to describe traditional ideas of masculinity.  In particular, it exists to discourage men from urging other males from embracing such ideas as traditional masculinity.

But what is the term really used for?

Modern feminism has long since pulled away from its roots of calling for equal treatment from society.  Today, it appears that what modern feminism really wants is an inversion of gender roles from decades ago.

One feminist wiki states, “It refers to the socially-constructed attitudes that describe the masculine gender role as violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive, and so forth.”

Sounds a bit harsh, right?

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