For Those Searching For Stupid

First, let me start out by apologizing for not having this up by Monday as I’d promised.  Sunday night, all cable went out at my house, and they couldn’t get here to fix it until late yesterday afternoon.  However, since they were supposed to call us if something opened up sooner, I stuck around the house, hoping and praying.  Unfortunately, nada.

Photo by Jaroslaw Popczyk

However, it’s also given me time to think about this comment I got a short time ago.  It wasn’t published as a comment, and I’ll explain why in a moment.  The important thing here is to remember that some people are so bothered by the idea of men acting like men, they’ll lash out at anyone who won’t toe the line like a good little FIM.

This comment was made on my post, Provider, Protector, and Professor. The Role of Men Part 1: The Protector, which is important as you’ll see in a moment. Continue reading “For Those Searching For Stupid”


The Basics of Punching

The truth is, men fight.  Maybe not for fun, but every person I know of that meets the definition of “man” I’ve laid out has been in at least one fight in their lives.  When you think about it, it’s inevitable.

However, if you’re someone raised in the “conflict is bad” era, you may not know how to correctly throw punches.

If you’re one of those, no judgment here.  You’re at least wanting to learn how to throw down if you ever need to, so here’s a video I came across that might help.  Please excuse the hamhanded attempts at advertising, because the information is pretty good.

These are just two punches, and there are plenty of them, but it’s a good start. Learn these two correctly and practice them regularly, and you’ll be well ahead of the curve if you find yourself in a fight. Continue reading “The Basics of Punching”

Clearing Your Home With A Handgun

One of the most important roles any man will ever fulfill is to protect their home and their family.  Most do so by making sure doors are locked, windows are secured, etc., and that’s great.  However, locked doors and windows will only do so much, unfortunately.

What happens if someone decides to enter your home?

If you’ve already purchased a handgun like I’ve advised, then you need to learn how to use it.  In addition to static shooting on a gun range, you need to learn how to search your home for bad people who want to do bad things.  This video can help get you started:

Now, practicing this in your house can be…interesting.  It’s a good way to put holes in your walls, after all.

There are ways to train for this without that, however.

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Fisking Dad Who Misunderstands Masculinity In Huffington Post

I get that not everyone understands masculinity.  I really do.  The media has bombarded us with this image of how traditional masculinity is oh-so-wrong and they’ve offered nothing to counterbalance it.  They’ve never shown any positive that could be attributed to traditional masculinity at all.

It’s easy to see why someone can be confused.

Take Mike Reynolds, a blogger at Huffington Post and now a t-shirt designer.  He’s offered up a line of t-shirts that ever FIM should line up and snag, but actual men will probably pass on.

Along the way, he offers his insights into masculinity, and they’re hilarious, so I decided to fisk the crap out of them.

The Huffington Post piece will be in bold and italics, while my comments won’t be. Continue reading “Fisking Dad Who Misunderstands Masculinity In Huffington Post”

Why Every Man Should Be Armed


There are bad people in this world.  On any day, in almost any community, you can open up your local newspaper’s website and see just how many bad people there are.

Photo by Andrew Magill
Photo by Andrew Magill

Additionally, you may be a bad mofo walking around, but unless you’re the internet version of Chuck Norris, there’s alway someone badder than you are…and that doesn’t even touch on the possibility of there being more of them than you.

So what do you do?

The answer is simple.  Arm yourself. Continue reading “Why Every Man Should Be Armed”

Cultivating The Warrior Mind

Once upon a time, if you had a penis, you were expected to do certain things.  Among those things was to defend your tribe.  Each and every male was expected to earn the title of man and defend their home from invaders.

Men were warriors.

Modern day warriors at work.  Photo by James Brooks
Modern day warriors at work. Photo by James Brooks

As time passed, this idea faded.  As numbers grew, it became less and less important for all men to be warriors and, instead, the responsibility was handed to a select group who prepared for war full-time.   However, in many of these eras, men still had to

However, in many of these eras, men still had to step up and prepare for battle at least some of the team.  Militias were formed to supplement the full-time warriors, which meant at least some had to have a warrior mindset in addition to their duties as farmers, potters, carpenters, etc. Continue reading “Cultivating The Warrior Mind”