More Insanity In An Insane World

I woke up this morning, ready for another day. I met it with my usual mixture of trepidation an readiness. I’m not really a morning person, after all, I just fake it really well by getting up insanely early so no one sees the worst of it.

But today, “the worst of it” met me straight in the face.

Overnight, there was a mass shooting in California. At least 12 people are reported dead, including the gunman and a police officer who responded to the incident.

That would have made it a depressing enough morning, but I also found that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was doxxed and a group of “protestors” descended on his house like a plague of locusts.

The two incidents together–though they’re not related in any way–remind us that the world is going nuts and it’s up to you to get ready for it.

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The Road Map Forward

On any trip, it’s best to know where you’re going, and the new focus I laid out in my last post is no different. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going to have no clue how to get there.

Before we get to that, we need to talk about our goals. They determine just how the journey should proceed. It does you no good if your path and goal aren’t in line. The most efficient directions to Dallas don’t do you a whole lot of good if you’re heading to New York, after all.

For me, my goals are simple.

  1. Protect my family.
  2. See #1.

Now, to be sure, there are a lot of skills that can benefit that goal under certain circumstances. However, my primary focus is on defending them against the kinds of threats Americans face every day.

As I write this, Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida. Even here in Southwest Georgia, we’re expecting full hurricane-force winds to slam us early tomorrow morning.

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