How To ‘Change Your Stars’

One of my family favorite movies is A Knight’s Tale starring Heath Ledger. It’s completely…something. I mean, modern pop culture references in a medieval movie shouldn’t work, but it does

However, the overall theme of the movie is about whether or not a man can “change his stars.” After all, you have a commoner who wants to become a knight, something forbidden.

What does that have to do with anything?

Well, yesterday, I did something I kind of despise. I told people to change their lives if they don’t like it, but I really didn’t offer up a whole lot of actionable advice.

I offered up a platitude and put the onus on you, but all I offered was some vague comments about grabbing opportunities.

While I’m not a fan of trying to tell you how to live your life, I also have to understand that not everyone has a clue as to how to even begin to “change their stars.”

Today, I’m going to try and fix that.

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A Tribute To The Blue Collar

Technically, I’m a white collar worker.  I sit in front of a computer, pounding away at the keyboard all day, every day, to earn the money I need to support my family.  For me, this makes a lot of sense because being a writer best uses my strengths and personality quirks to full effect.

Photo from Flickr, courtesy of Homini
Photo from Flickr, courtesy of Homini

When I was in school, however, there was a definite push to tell everyone to be white collar.  “You need to go to college,” they all said.  Trade schools were presented like some kind of consolation prize, the place you went if you weren’t smart enough for college.


Honestly, that’s the wrong approach.

While I won’t bash people who work in white collar professions, and I won’t tell people they’re wrong for wanting white collar jobs, what I am going to say is that blue collar professions deserve the same respect. Continue reading “A Tribute To The Blue Collar”