Why Do Feminists Seem So Preoccupied By Masculinity?

Have you ever heard the term “toxic masculinity” used?  I have.  More than once, actually.  It’s usually used to describe traditionally masculine virtues since feminists and FIMs see such virtues as heralds of the anti-christ or something.

15106273965_4f3bdf242a_hWell, it appears that American colleges and universities are actively trying to stomp out these virtues.

Universities across the nation are taking steps to actively purge male students of what’s been labeled “toxic masculinity.”

Examples abound of campuses hosting training sessions, group meetings, lectures and other programs to effectively cleanse what many campus leaders and left-leaning scholars contend is an unhealthy masculinity in young men today.

On campus, toxic masculinity is often blamed for sexual violence, body shaming, a “hyper-masculinized sporting culture,” acts of domestic terrorism and much more.

Wow, if this is what masculinity is busy doing, you’d think we’d hardly find time to oppress women.  Who says men can’t multitask? Continue reading “Why Do Feminists Seem So Preoccupied By Masculinity?”


Masculinity, Strength, and the Disabled Man

The other day, a comment on a Facebook post pointed out that I haven’t talked about something I should have.  You see, in all my talking about physical strength and its importance to masculinity, I’d neglected to talk about how that impacts a disabled person.


Photo by Honza Soukup
Photo by Honza Soukup

The United States Census Bureau states that 19 percent of the American population is disabled in some way, shape, or form.  This is about 56 million people.  Of these, 19.9 million have difficulty lifting or grasping things and 30.6 million have difficulty walking or climbing stairs.

While there is some overlap between those two groups, it’s important to note a few things.

First, if you have difficulting lifting anything, you’re not going to be in the gym pumping iron.  You’re just not. This is something beyond your control, and I understand that.

Does that make you less of a man if you’re one of these people? Continue reading “Masculinity, Strength, and the Disabled Man”

Manning Up: Why The Phrase Matters And Why Feminists Should Shut Up About It

When someone is being a whiny little twit, many of us have a tendency to tell them to “man up.”  We’re telling them that they’re not acting like a man and to fix that stuff right away.

An alternative is to tell someone to “nut up,” which basically means the same thing.  “Nut” in this instance means “testicle,” which only males have.

So, a while back, I came across this pic and really had to say something about it:


First, does anyone else think it’s funny that they get some beta male FIM to pose for pics like this?

Second, it’s complete BS. Continue reading “Manning Up: Why The Phrase Matters And Why Feminists Should Shut Up About It”

Are You Strong Enough?

A man is often judged by his strength.  A physically weak man is often judged as being less of a man.  A physically strong man is judged as being more of a man.  This is a simple fact and isn’t really open for discussion.

Whether this is right or wrong is irrelevant.  It is what it is, and as men, it behooves us to understand just why that’s the case.

Photo by sumoman.co.uk
Photo by sumoman.co.uk

It goes back to the days when physical strength was an essential skill.  You needed it to carry more firewood or more of an animal’s carcass.  Even today, we still valued strength because a strong man is always more useful than a weak one.  After all, a strong man can still pick flowers, but a weak man can’t pick up his end of a massive log.

So that begs a question.  Are you strong enough?

Probably not. Continue reading “Are You Strong Enough?”

Cultivating The Warrior Mind

Once upon a time, if you had a penis, you were expected to do certain things.  Among those things was to defend your tribe.  Each and every male was expected to earn the title of man and defend their home from invaders.

Men were warriors.

Modern day warriors at work.  Photo by James Brooks
Modern day warriors at work. Photo by James Brooks

As time passed, this idea faded.  As numbers grew, it became less and less important for all men to be warriors and, instead, the responsibility was handed to a select group who prepared for war full-time.   However, in many of these eras, men still had to

However, in many of these eras, men still had to step up and prepare for battle at least some of the team.  Militias were formed to supplement the full-time warriors, which meant at least some had to have a warrior mindset in addition to their duties as farmers, potters, carpenters, etc. Continue reading “Cultivating The Warrior Mind”

Latest Masculinity Project

By virtue of working on this site, it’s important to note that masculinity is important to me. How important? Well, while I’ve been working on this site, I’ve also been working on this project:

That’s right, folks.  A book on being a man.  I have literally written the book on being a man in the 21st century.

OK, I wrote a book on it, but still.

It was published yesterday for the Amazon Kindle readers and apps, which are free and are available for almost any device, including your laptop so I urge you to pick up a copy. (The above image is an affiliate link, so if you click that and buy, I get a few pennies extra.)

So far, I’m surprised by how well it’s doing.  How well, you may ask?  This was the ranking a little earlier today:


Yep. Not too shabby.

By the time you see this, I may have had some movement–either up or down–but it’s a nice start.  The fact that I’m now, technically, a bestselling gender studies author is amusing, to say the least.  Especially since I tend to mock gender studies majors as a general rule.

I hope everyone will snag themselves a copy of the book, and if you do and you enjoy it, please offer up a review on Amazon.  Reviews help sell books, plus when you hit a certain point of having so many reviews, it triggers things in Amazon’s algorithms and helps sell more books.

So, as you can see, taking a few minutes to write a review will help spread the message and help rebuild masculinity.  It’s a win for everyone!

Letters To My Son: Life and Love

The following is a guest post by Jonathan LaForce, a former Marine, and current entrepreneur.  These letters are to his young son and are things he wishes had been passed down to him.  Since he and I have similar views about what it means to be a man, I’m more than happy to share them.

My dearest boy,

Photo by Erik
Photo by Erik

I’m writing this letter, sitting on the side of a mountain. Full dark has come, the wind is howling. It’s lonely up here, the way I like it. When I was a teen, people came to this place as a lover’s lane. Probably still do. I go here for the quiet. Nobody to bother me. In some ways, that is the story of my life a preference for loneliness. Lonely won’t hurt you. Continue reading “Letters To My Son: Life and Love”