The Basics of Punching

The truth is, men fight.  Maybe not for fun, but every person I know of that meets the definition of “man” I’ve laid out has been in at least one fight in their lives.  When you think about it, it’s inevitable.

However, if you’re someone raised in the “conflict is bad” era, you may not know how to correctly throw punches.

If you’re one of those, no judgment here.  You’re at least wanting to learn how to throw down if you ever need to, so here’s a video I came across that might help.  Please excuse the hamhanded attempts at advertising, because the information is pretty good.

These are just two punches, and there are plenty of them, but it’s a good start. Learn these two correctly and practice them regularly, and you’ll be well ahead of the curve if you find yourself in a fight. Continue reading “The Basics of Punching”


Where Have All The Real Men Gone?

I saw this on Facebook earlier today. I understand it’s a couple of years old, but it’s new to me, and it’s funny has hell because I’ve encountered people just like this.

Now, I get a guy being upset at someone flirting with his girl. Assuming he knew she was involved with someone, it’s a mark of disrespect for another man to flirt with someone else’s girlfriend, and I applaud this young man for recognizing that and refusing to play submissive in such a circumstance.

Now, with that said… Continue reading “Where Have All The Real Men Gone?”

Man As Provider In Lean Times

Bad things can happen.  Anyone can experience a sudden downturn in circumstance and it doesn’t matter what you did because sometimes, it really isn’t your fault.  However, as a man, you’re supposed to provide for your family.  When your means to support them disappears, what can you do?

Photo by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Photo by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Truthfully, that’s not really the time to figure things out.  At that point, there’s not really much else to do besides get a new job.  However, understanding this can happen well ahead of time will let you do a few things to deal with such times.

The most obvious option is to save during the good times.  Putting away sufficient money for six months worth of expenses is smart.  It may be easier said than done, mind you, but it’s smart.

One of your expenses is food, and you should put money away for that, but there’s something else you can do as well. Continue reading “Man As Provider In Lean Times”

Are Young Males Begging To Be Masculine?

A couple of days ago, I was watching a podcast on YouTube featuring Mark Rippetoe and Brett McKay of The Aft of Manliness.  While the podcast was Rippetoe’s Starting Strength show, McKay was on to talk about manliness.  Considering my own work on the subject, it was obvious that I would be watching.

During the show, Rippetoe posited the idea that young males, so-called Millennials, are desperate for masculinity.  They want to be real men so badly that they’re emulating them in their clothing.  They wear jeans and flannel shirts and sport thick beards like lumberjacks, and Rippetoe argued that it’s because they want to be men and wearing flannel is easier than doing squats.

He may have a point.

After all, this is the same generation that has managed to make the man bun a thing.  While it looks ridiculous, and it’s mocked by those of us who are a bit older than your average Millennial, it might be a symptom of something deeper.


This meme, designed to mock the man bun, may actually hint at why it’s becoming popular. Continue reading “Are Young Males Begging To Be Masculine?”

The Difference Between Strength in Men and Women

I knew this was going to happen.  At some point, someone will take comments about men and think I am making some comment about women.  In this case, I got an email this morning I wanted to share with you.  It’s presented as I received it, with no editing for spelling or grammar.

Such misogynistic bullshit.  Women can be strong to you know.  Its not just for men jackass.


4015776665_bc7690f453_oFirst, take a moment to decipher that if you need to.  Such a horrible abuse of the English language.

Now, let’s get to the meat of the argument.  Can women be strong? Continue reading “The Difference Between Strength in Men and Women”

Clearing Your Home With A Handgun

One of the most important roles any man will ever fulfill is to protect their home and their family.  Most do so by making sure doors are locked, windows are secured, etc., and that’s great.  However, locked doors and windows will only do so much, unfortunately.

What happens if someone decides to enter your home?

If you’ve already purchased a handgun like I’ve advised, then you need to learn how to use it.  In addition to static shooting on a gun range, you need to learn how to search your home for bad people who want to do bad things.  This video can help get you started:

Now, practicing this in your house can be…interesting.  It’s a good way to put holes in your walls, after all.

There are ways to train for this without that, however.

Continue reading “Clearing Your Home With A Handgun”

Strength Versus Aesthetics

Should men worry about how they look?

I’m not talking about guys making sure they’re well groomed or well dressed.  That’s one of those things each guy should determine for themselves.  Personally, I appreciate sharp clothes and all that, though I’m more likely to be dressed like a slob most of the time, so who am I to judge?

What I’m talking about is whether a man should be worried about the aesthetics of his physique or not.

Lord knows that my physique isn’t much to look at, though my wife seems to enjoy the view well enough.  However, what about in general?  That’s the question that strength trainer Mark Rippetoe answered in this podcast I came across a few days ago.  It’s kind of long, and takes a couple minutes to really get rolling, but please bear with it:

Of particular interest was where Rippetoe makes a hell of a point about aesthetics when he points out that your six-pack abs won’t impress anyone unless they see it, but if you’re muscular overall, even if you have a bit of a gut, they’ll still know you put in the work.

What that means that if you’re like two-thirds of all Americans, you may still need to lose a few pounds, but the rippling six-pack may not be the best way to spend your gym time.

Mark and the host, Mike Matthews, have a hell of an interesting discussion regarding the issue and it’s well worth your time to watch and learn.

Seriously, I wish I’d seen this when I was 19.