A young guy steps up to his older supervisor. “I don’t think you respect me,” the young guy says.

“Nope,” the older man replies.

“But…but you should!” the young man stammers. After all, respect is a basic human right, something every person is entitled to.

Except, they’re not. Not by a long shot. Continue reading “Respect”


No, Masculinity Isn’t To Blame For Manchester

The other night, we learned of a deadly attack in Manchester, England at an Ariana Grande concert. As more information became available, we learned that the attacker was a suicide bomber and he was apparently a Muslim.

More information came in and we learned he’d recently traveled to Libya, ostensibly to learn how to construct a bomb.

Sounds pretty clear, right?

Well, not for everyone.  This photograph is just one of these same arguments I’ve seen on Twitter over and over again.

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For Those Searching For Stupid

First, let me start out by apologizing for not having this up by Monday as I’d promised.  Sunday night, all cable went out at my house, and they couldn’t get here to fix it until late yesterday afternoon.  However, since they were supposed to call us if something opened up sooner, I stuck around the house, hoping and praying.  Unfortunately, nada.

Photo by Jaroslaw Popczyk

However, it’s also given me time to think about this comment I got a short time ago.  It wasn’t published as a comment, and I’ll explain why in a moment.  The important thing here is to remember that some people are so bothered by the idea of men acting like men, they’ll lash out at anyone who won’t toe the line like a good little FIM.

This comment was made on my post, Provider, Protector, and Professor. The Role of Men Part 1: The Protector, which is important as you’ll see in a moment. Continue reading “For Those Searching For Stupid”

New Project

Hey there.  Again, it’s been quiet here, which is not intentional.  I’ve been knee deep in finishing up a novel.  I’ll have more on that down the road, but since it’s not so much about masculinity, there won’t be a whole lot here.

However, it has taken a fair bit of my time when coupled with the paying writing I do on a daily basis.

I do hope to have one up either later today or tomorrow based on a comment I got recently that was, well..asinine.


You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.

Failure and Disappointment

No matter how awesome you are, at some point, things aren’t going to work out right.  It’s a simple fact of life.  Your girlfriend breaks up with you, you get shot down by the girl of your dreams, you get laid off from work, or any of a number of possibilities.  All of these things happen to each and every one of us.

Photo by H. Michael Karshis
Photo by H. Michael Karshis

What defines a man in this regard is how he deals with it.

Everyone encounters it at some point, but the issue is that many can’t accept that it happens nor use it in a positive manner.

Several years ago, I bought a newspaper. This is long before Portlandia had someone do the same thing for laughs.  I really did it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.  The reasons are irrelevant, but it didn’t.

It would have been easy to roll over and die.  Failure hurts, and because the success was pretty public, so was the failure.  That made it worse for me.

However, I thought about other fails throughout history.  In particular, Steve Jobs.  I read his biography a short time after he died, and I was struck with one very important thing.  Jobs failed. Continue reading “Failure and Disappointment”

The Roots of Gender Roles

In this day and age, there is a lot of talk about gender roles.  In the realm of politics, traditional gender roles are treated like the products of a thankfully bygone era that couldn’t have died too soon.  It’s like people believe that those roles existed solely so men could oppress women or something.

Photo from Flickr, by Quinn Dombrowski
Photo from Flickr, by Quinn Dombrowski

Author Sarah Hoyt, best known for her fiction writing but also a notable political and cultural writer, took aim at the topic a couple of days ago.  Some of you may be groaning, thinking, “Oh great.  Another woman to tell us just how much we suck.”

If you’re thinking that, then you don’t know Sarah.

Sarah isn’t just an author and commentator.  She’s also a dear friend, an ally of this site, and something of a mentor to me with my fiction writing.  In other words, she’s not the kind of woman we need to worry about.

Here’s what Sarah had to say: Continue reading “The Roots of Gender Roles”