About The Site

By Spear and Axe¬†started out as a site dedicated to talking about masculinity. No, it wasn’t a men’s rights site, though I see nothing wrong with men asserting their rights. No, it wasn’t a pickup artist site either. I’ve been married since 2000. I couldn’t even begin to tell someone how to pick up a woman.

No, it was about what I felt a man should be, and there are things I still think a man should be…but I figured I’d already written all of that. I wrote a whole book on the topic, to be honest. Barring something weird happening, nothing was really needing to be said.

Yet I had this site, and I had a great title, and as my focus began to shift, I had an epiphany. This site would be ideal for another project.

Due to my work, I put my opinions out in public for the world to see. It’s not unusual for someone to take exception to people’s opinions these days. It’s also not unusual to imagine someone wanting to hurt someone else over those opinions. It shouldn’t be that way, but we don’t get the world we want. We have to take the world we have.

If that wasn’t enough, we still live in a world where people think it’s OK to kill you for your wallet, your car, or your television. We still live in a world where people think hurting others is their God-given right.

Yet as I continued out, I found the topic drifting back a bit. You see, while I liked the idea of men¬†and women learning all this stuff, the reality was that this is a topic that’s far more appealing to men. While some women were readers and followers via social media, they seemed fine with male-centric content.

Instead of explicitly talking about what masculinity was, though, the site unintentionally morphed into a lifestyle site for men in the old mold and a place for people to go and find out how to be someone in that old mold.

As of October 2018, we’re not too sure what the future will hold. We’re going to provide the content we think people need to fill their lives. We’ll talk a lot about working out, martial arts, and becoming better people. The idea is to reach out to people of all walks of life, of all age groups, anyone who needs to get their butt in gear.

We were a nation of warriors, and we can be again, but only if everyone can learn how to be the best men and women they can possibly be.