About The Site

By Spear and Axe┬ástarted out as a site dedicated to talking about masculinity. No, it wasn’t a men’s rights site, though I see nothing wrong with men asserting their rights. No, it wasn’t a pickup artist site either. I’ve been married since 2000. I couldn’t even begin to tell someone how to pick up a woman.

No, it was about what I felt a man should be, and there are things I still think a man should be…but I’d already written all of that. I wrote a whole book on the topic, to be honest. Barring something weird happening, nothing was really needing to be said.

Yet I had this site, and I had a great title, and as my focus began to shift, I had an epiphany. This site would be ideal for another project.

Due to my work, I put my opinions out in public for the world to see. It’s not unusual for someone to take exception to people’s opinions these days. It’s also not unusual to imagine someone wanting to hurt someone else over those opinions. It shouldn’t be that way, but we don’t get the world we want. We have to take the world we have.

If that wasn’t enough, we still live in a world where people think it’s OK to kill you for your wallet, your car, or your television. We still live in a world where people think hurting others is their God-given right.

That’s what this new project is all about. It’s about building myself into the kind of person that can deal with any and all threats, not by being paranoid, but by having the skills and training to make sure I wasn’t easy meat for would-be predators.

I write this as a 44-year-old man, not some spring chicken, which is a good thing. After all, not everyone needs to be a Navy SEAL candidate in order to make themselves more effective in a fight.

By Spear and Axe is about resurrecting the warrior spirit within the everyday person. Yes, I expect more men than women who visit this site, but women are more than welcome as well. I’ve always believed that women should be better prepared for violent attacks, after all.

I’m not going to purge my previous work on this site. Doing so could be construed as hiding those words, and I refuse to do so. Instead, they’ll be relegated to a category called “archive” for anyone cares to look, but I’m not interested in discussing those.

What I’ll do is move forward with a renewed focus. If you’re interested in the new focus, even if you despise everything I said before, I hope you’ll join me here.