More Insanity In An Insane World

I woke up this morning, ready for another day. I met it with my usual mixture of trepidation an readiness. I’m not really a morning person, after all, I just fake it really well by getting up insanely early so no one sees the worst of it.

But today, “the worst of it” met me straight in the face.

Overnight, there was a mass shooting in California. At least 12 people are reported dead, including the gunman and a police officer who responded to the incident.

That would have made it a depressing enough morning, but I also found that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was doxxed and a group of “protestors” descended on his house like a plague of locusts.

The two incidents together–though they’re not related in any way–remind us that the world is going nuts and it’s up to you to get ready for it.

For Carlson’s incident, the most I can do is remind you to keep as much personal information private as humanly possible. Personal Security, or PerSec, is vital. The less people know about you, the safer you can be.

I’ll talk more about PerSec at another time, but mostly I want to focus on the shooting in California. There are a few things I can pass along that I want to share while I’m thinking about it.

As I spent much of my morning monitoring the news of the incident, I saw some things that it would do all of us well to keep in mind.

First, I saw where one person busted a window with a chair to escape the carnage unfolding. Now, I’m not going to belittle the guy. If you’re unarmed an facing a gunman, running is certainly a viable option. Not only that, but removing a major obstacle to escape like a window is certainly a worthy effort, not just because you can save yourself but because others can escape the same way.

However, I couldn’t help but recognize why

It looks like there was a single shooter and he came in through the front entrance. That means there were exits available to people, and not just the ones marked.

This happened in a bar, which means there was a back area for washing dishes, cooking any food being served, etc. Guess what else is back there?

That’s right. An exit.

When you enter an establishment, do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Spend a few moments determining where all the exit possibilities are. While one or more may be blocked in an active shooter situation, there’s often one or two that people won’t think about, and thus, will be unimpeded by the stampede that will follow shots being fired.

Now, if you can’t use those for any reason, busting out a window is also a viable option.

Bear in mind, I’m not criticizing this young man. I wasn’t in the bar so I don’t know if he even had any other options. Maybe there was a mass stacked up trying to get into the back so they could use that door. I don’t know and I’m not speculating either way.

What matters is that he got out and got out relatively safe. I won’t say unscathed because his hands looked pretty cut up, but he was safe. Stitches are nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Now, what I’m going to talk about now is the idea of fighting back. Not everyone has it in them to fight back, but they need to.

Even then, though, sometimes it’s not a viable strategy. If the bad guy has a gun pointed in your direction and you don’t have any means to return fire, scrambling for cover is your only real alternative.

But there’s something to be said for fighting back.

Over the weekend, Tallahassee Florida was faced with a shooting at a hot yoga studio. Two people were killed, plus the gunman. The shooter in that case stopped when he met resistance in the form of a man with a broom, of all things.

I’ve mentioned another example previously where a group of young girls stopped an attempted kidnapping. While that wasn’t a mass shooting attempt, it’s still telling.

The fact is, bad guys have a habit of stopping what they’re doing when someone attacks them in self-defense. It distracts them if nothing else. It buys time for other people to get away or to act. It changes the nature of the attack and gets inside the bad guy’s decision-making loop.

It can win the fight, but even when it doesn’t it may still save lives.

The thing is, you have to be smart. Being shot isn’t noble if it’s for no real purpose. 

Charging a shooter while screaming half a room away isn’t heroic so much as stupid. Yes, you’re being brave, but you’re just giving the guy time to kill you and get back to his grisly task.

Taking him from behind, sneaking up on him, anything to get close before jumping him, however, will buy people a whole lot more time and may stop the fight.

There’s information on the internet about this kind of thing. Sheepdog Response sells a virtual course on this for $29.99. The company is owned by former UFC fighter and current Special Forces soldier Tim Kennedy, so he knows a few things about violence.

There are others who have courses, as well. 

Learn. Practice. Drill. Think.

Do those things and, God forbid you find yourself in a situation like that, maybe you can get both yourself and everyone else out alive.


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