Another Day, Another Workout

Yes, I’m going to spend a good bit of time logging my workouts when I’m not pontificating on various things. This does two things. First, it keeps me accountable. Second, it allows people to actually track how I did things, see my mistakes, and put the whole process of following the Warrior Pyramid out in the open.

So, without further ado…

Today I did the DDP Yoga thing for the second time, and it’s funny. I’d told myself that it was pretty easy (and it was) so I decided to go through the introductory Diamond Dozen workout with a bit more intensity. You see, since it’s an introductory workout, Dallas tends to explain the movement with a demonstration before you actually do it. Since I’d told myself that Monday was so easy, I decided to do twice as much work.


Yeah, I kind of whopped my own ass a bit, which is good. I sat down a bit fatigued, breathing just a bit hard, and recognizing that while yoga has a reputation among guys as being a “sissy workout,” it’s serious.

According to the guide I found, Friday should count as the first “real” workout, which has me a little worried. Still, one of the features of this program is that you can go to something called your “Safe Zone”. In regular yoga, this Safe Zone is called the Child’s Pose (or Balasana in Sanskrit). If the workout becomes a bit much, you simply assume this pose and rest a bit.

Generally, this is a good thing because it lets you back off when you really need to, rather than hurting yourself by trying to do too much. However, this also raises a concern. Safe Zone can also become a crutch, something that you can use instead of pushing yourself.

For the truly self-motivated, this isn’t a huge concern, but if you’re someone who knows you have a tendency to slack off, this is something to be aware of.

I have noticed soreness from Monday’s workout still in my lats, which I count as a pretty good thing since I’ve always had trouble really working my lats, so that’s a win.

As for today’s workout, I’m really feeling it in my legs at the moment, which may have had more to do with me than the workout since there are things you’re supposed to do with your legs during some of these poses that I’m not sure I did on Monday. Oops.

For what it’s worth, yoga does seem to be a solid workout.

Who knew?


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