Yes, It’s Quiet Over Here

I’m well aware that it’s been very, very quiet here for the last couple of months. I apologize for that, as per usual.

My professional life is taking a lot of time, but I’m getting to some very interesting things. For one, I’m now writing at Bearing Arms, a pro-Second Amendment site. I’m also contributing from time to time at Townhall. This is in addition to my work at PJ Media.

All of this piles up on a guy.

Not only that but over the last month or so, I’ve been thinking what I want to do here. As you see, I now have the domain name purchased, which was needed, but that has as much to do with a change in direction as anything else.

You see, while I stand by what I’ve said previously about masculinity and being a man, I don’t really have much to add to it. Assaults on masculinity from the left are subjects I tend to pick up for pay at PJ Media and, occasionally, Townhall.

That means there’s little use for this blog, and that’s kind of a shame. Especially since I have a kickass name and a killer header made by the talented Jack Wylder.

It would be a shame to let that go to waste.

So what goes forward? That’s a good question. What I plan and what will actually happen aren’t exactly going to be similar.

That said, here is my vision.

Due to my work at Bearing Arms, I feel like I’m way behind on the curve on firearms handling. Add in the fact that I’m still a fat ass (and dealing with a shoulder injury from over a month ago), and all of that tells me that I’m going to be doing a serious lifestyle overhaul…

…and I kind of see By Spear and Axe being that kind of blog. I picture it being about my lifestyle, my challenges as I embrace a more martial life, but try to do so while also maintaining my other interests like reading, watching movies, and spending time with my family.

I’d even like to get back into hunting and fishing in the near future.

Yes, there’s a definite overlap with how I presented By Spear and Axe previously, but here’s the thing: None of this is unique to men. Women concealed carry. Women want to get stronger and leaner. Women hunt.

And, frankly, I want them to feel welcome too. Especially since I hope my wife and daughter will embrace this lifestyle and internalize it as well.

Is it likely? Meh, probably not. A lot of women just aren’t down with this kind of thing. That’s fine.

So, rather than worrying about masculinity so much–that book has been written and won’t be coming down–this site is going to focus on becoming what I consider to be the perfect embodiment of masculinity, the warrior.

The fact that warrior women are hot is just a bonus, I assure you.

Seriously, this site won’t be for everyone. Mostly, it’s just for me and anyone else who wants to travel down this path.

No, not everything will go here. Based on what I’m seeing as the likely content, some of it may go on Bearing Arms. What doesn’t go there, what won’t work there, will go here.

Check out both, add them to your feed, and so on.

Feedback is always welcome. It doesn’t mean I’ll do what you want, but I will at least think about what you have to say.


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