No, Masculinity Isn’t To Blame For Manchester

The other night, we learned of a deadly attack in Manchester, England at an Ariana Grande concert. As more information became available, we learned that the attacker was a suicide bomber and he was apparently a Muslim.

More information came in and we learned he’d recently traveled to Libya, ostensibly to learn how to construct a bomb.

Sounds pretty clear, right?

Well, not for everyone.  This photograph is just one of these same arguments I’ve seen on Twitter over and over again.

Ho. Lee. Crap.

“Bill” here isn’t the only one making this argument, as I’ve said, and it’s not the first time a terror attack conducted by a radical Muslim was laid at the feet of western masculinity.

Following the Pulse Orlando attack, we watched so-called “toxic masculinity” be blamed for the deadly shooting.

Well, it’s just as much BS now as it was then.

First, you cannot blame western masculinity. Islamic ideas of masculinity and the role of men and women in society are not the same as western ideas on the same topic.

Men in a western society are generally expected to step up and protect people, including those they don’t agree with. We decry the guy who hides behind his wife during violence. We mock the guy who runs away from danger. Most importantly, however, we despise the guy who seeks to injure the weak.

You know, like this terrorist tool did.

Western masculinity does not abide violence against women and children. It does not condone violence against those who have done nothing to you. It does not accept any argument that such is a good and noble thing.

But radical Islam does.

Radical Islam thinks unbelievers are less than human. Radical Islam believes killing gays is “God’s will.” Radical Islam punishes rape victims for things like “adultery” because a woman’s word is meaningless in Islamic courts.

If there is a toxic brand of masculinity in this world, that is where you will find it, not the typical masculinity you find in the western world.

Maybe someday, these feminist twits screeching insane things like this will understand that Islam is not their allies and that while masculinists like myself may vehemently disagree with them on a great many things, we will die to protect them if necessary rather than to let them be enslaved by radical savages.

Until then, do continue to attack “misogynistic western culture” for an attack it had nothing to do with it. I needed something to prompt me to bring my happy ass back to By Spear and Axe and write about a topic still very dear to me.


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