Political Violence And The Modern Man

For most of my life, political violence just didn’t really happen here in the U.S.  That was something that happened over “there.”  Wherever “there” happened to be.  That’s not the case anymore.  For months now, the United States has been rocked by riots because some spoiled children didn’t like the outcome of the election.

Photo by Daniel Lobo, from Flickr
Photo by Daniel Lobo, from Flickr

So-called “antifascists” have decided that opposition to immigration–even opposition to illegal immigration, apparently–is akin to fascism.  In and of itself, that’s not a big deal.  After all, both sides like to throw around the “fascist” label a fair bit.

Unfortunately, these antifascists aren’t interested in debate.  They don’t want to try to beat their opponents with facts or better ideas.  No, they want to beat their opponents.  Literally.

Now, I’ll be honest.  I have absolutely no sympathy for racism or racists, so I really don’t care if they’re getting their ass beaten in and of itself.

The problem, however, is that labels are damn easy to sling around and now we’re dealing with people advocating violence against anyone with a certain label.

Over the last eight years, I’ve been called “racist” more times than I can count.  My sin?  I didn’t agree with President Obama’s objectives.  That was it.

The Leftists couldn’t fathom opposition to the president that wasn’t rooted in racism, despite the fact that just eight years before, the right opposed President Clinton just as vehemently.  How could someone oppose The One True Savior unless it was because of his skin tone??

It couldn’t have anything to do with increasing the national debt, or anti-business policies that would end up costing jobs at a time when the country could ill afford to lose any.  No, they couldn’t imagine that…not even when it was spelled out for them.  All of that, in their mind, was a cover for the real problem.  Racism.

Now, we’re seeing violence over politics at a level we haven’t seen in decades, and it may well get worse with Hollywood celebrities calling for armed revolt.

It's cute how she thinks the military she and her leftists friends have spat on for years will side with her.
It’s cute how she thinks the military she and her leftist friends have spat on for years will side with her.

More and more, these people are viewing violence as a justifiable alternative to affect political change.

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be an issue.  There have always been fringe elements wanting to overthrow the government. Unfortunately, this feels like it goes deeper than that.  You usually don’t get mainstream personalities like Sarah Silverman siding with the militias, after all.

All of this hinges on the left’s new believe that violence against fascists is both good and noble.

Unfortunately, we’ve already seen anyone who disagrees with the left called racist.  How long until everyone goes from “racist” to “fascist” for disagreement?

In some places, it’s already happening, and that’s what’s terrifying.

If it’s justifiable to target those labeled as fascists, and anyone who disagrees with the left can be tagged as such, that means nothing less than anyone who disagrees with the left is a legitimate target for violence.

This, in and of itself, isn’t all that new.  Right-wing commentator Erick Erickson found himself looking at the business end of a SWAT team after someone claimed he’d shot his wife and would shoot someone else.

If anyone thinks a SWAT raid isn’t violence, they don’t know much about what goes on during one.

At least now, the violent left is ready to commit the violence themselves rather than use the state as a proxy, but that’s not a lot of improvement in the grand scheme of things.

Now, I’ve talked about how a man needs to understand how to use violence.  I personally have argued that a man who can’t use violence on any level isn’t much of a man.  However, I also make it clear that the role of a man is to be a protector, not an aggressor.  Our duty is to protect our families, our communities, and our nation.

Those who are ready to punch someone in the face because they don’t like the words coming out of that person’s mouth?  They’re not protecting anyone or anything.  They’re bullies.  They’re common thugs who are trying to use the threat of violence to keep people in line.  Nothing more.

As such, I’ll argue it’s the duty of every real man in this country to stand and oppose these thugs.

These “antifascist” hooligans will continue to try and bully their opposition into silence, using violence and property destruction as their tools.  They’ll continue to say that their opposition doesn’t deserve debate, only a broken nose, and think that makes them dedicated.

These thugs are learning violence.  They’re studying how to commit real violence against individual because they think it’s the best way to serve the cause.

If you don’t already understand violence, then it’s time you did as well.  However, don’t be content with a video or two of how to throw a punch.  Learn and build on it.


Because it seems some people won’t allow us to simply disagree with them.  They want us broken and bleeding, and only a fool takes a threat like that lightly.

That doesn’t mean to start stuff, however.  All that does is give them what they want, proof that their opposition is violent.  They fail to see how their own initiation of violence has already settled the issue for many people, and let’s be honest.  It’s not like the media is really willing to call these tools out either.

However, if they throw the punch, blocking it and pounding them into the ground is a perfectly valid response as long as it’s legitimately in self-defense (and meets your locales definition of it).



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