World Gone Mad

I’ve been trying to figure out what I should be writing today, and my mind keeps going to events in Berkeley, CA on Wednesday night.  In case you missed it, protesters rioted over controversial speaker Milo Yiannapolous.

Let me start by saying I’m not really a Milo fan.  He pisses off all the right people, but he does it in some ways that I don’t really approve of.  He’s a provacateur, and I’m not sure that’s the way to really win the hearts and minds of those willing to be swayed.

However, the rioters are complete and total idiots.

Milo craves conflict.  While he may not actually want riots, he does want protests and screaming.  He wants to create a scene that he and his fanboys can point at and laugh.

This is one I’ve gotten more than a few laughs over, because I was familiar with this…individual long before she became famous as “Trigglypuff”.  In addition to a SJW, she’s a fat acceptance activist, which is freaking hysterical as it is.

With someone like Milo and his fans, this is ambrosia.  This is what they live for, and they love it completely.  When a social justice warrior melts down like this, they get a good laugh out of it.

Now, I won’t blame them, because I do too.

The difference is Milo goes out to instigated, trying to get these reactions.  Milo is a troll, for want of a better term.  He says and does things to get a reaction.

“But if colleges would disallow him to speak, none of this would happen,” some might argue.

The people who say this are morons.

First, there’s the free speech angle.  Milo isn’t nearly as hateful as leftists make him out to be, but he’s also not Saint Milo of Breitbart either.  Either way, though, he has a right to speak.  As most of these schools are publicly funded, failure to allow speakers with controversial viewpoints can justifiably be seen as censorship by a government entity.

Some argue that what Milo engages in is hate speech, and while I seriously doubt that, so what?  If any speech deserves to be protected, it’s the speech that offends the most people.  Otherwise, there is no freedom of speech.  Things that fail to ruffle feathers don’t need protection, but the opposite side of the coin?  Absolutely.

Second, let’s say a school does block Milo from speaking on their campus.  So what?  The group can simply move the talk off campus or, if they’re unable to for some reason, Milo can claim that liberal academia is afraid of him.  In other words, he wins.

If he does speak, and groups protest him loudly–even if they riot–he wins.

The only way the left can beat him is to ignore him.  Don’t feed the troll, and he withers.

“But fascism needs to be opposed or else it will grow!”

Let me ask people who think like this one question:  “Who is it that rioted at Trump rallies before the election?  Who rioted for days after the election?  Who rioted after the inauguration?”

If you ask me, someone who identifies as a classical liberal (a type of libertarian), it seems the left is doing more of the fascist crap than Milo is.  He and his aren’t busting windows and setting fire to crap.

And that’s another thing that annoys me about the stupidity of the rioting.  They bust up windows and set fire to stuff, but who are they hurting?  Not Milo.  He’s not on the hook for the expenses.  Nope.  People who might have sided with the rioters, but are highly unlikely to after they are forced to spend hundreds of dollars because some petulant children had to throw a tantrum.

It’s pathetic.

So no, I’m not sure what to write about from a masculinity standpoint except to say that real men don’t pull this crap.  Yeah, we might punch someone out, but it’s a guy who has done something to deserve it.  We don’t punch out Dude A because Dude C said something we don’t like.

In other words, we’re not crybaby leftist diaper-babies.


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