The Sound of Silence?

First, sorry about the lack of a post on Monday.  I had some stuff going on and just dropped the ball.

Photo from Flickr, courtesy of Hopeless_Wonderer
Photo from Flickr, courtesy of Hopeless_Wonderer

Those things aren’t really over yet, so the tone here might shift just a bit to posts of smaller blurbs, videoes, things like that.  No, I won’t be doing just that, but it’ll let me work on the longer, more detailed posts while still providing unique content.

Men are facing unique challenges in this day and age, and we need to unite together as men to find our own path without the unhelpful influences of those who would take away our manhood.

Unfortunately, part of being a man is actually dealing with life, and sometimes that gets a little hairy, and that means it’s hard to host that discussion.  However, I remain committed to the cause, and this is the best solution to my current predicament I can find.

That doesn’t mean I won’t keep looking, however.  I have some other things that may only impact the backend of things, but understand that we’re going to keep up this fight until real masculinity is no longer ridiculed by those who seek to undermine our very nature.

So, until then, enjoy.


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