Home Strength

I talk a lot about the importance of being strong.  I’ve even pointed out previously that you’re not strong enough, no matter how strong you might actually be.

Well, a friend hit me up on Facebook to point out that not everyone can afford a gym membership, especially if they’ve got a fairly large family.  Even $30 per month can be an issue, after all.

Fair enough.

I’m a fan of working out at home, and here’s a really easy way to make something you can work out with and get a really good workout: A sandbag.

When he says you can do this for about $15, he’s not making that up.  I made mine a little differently, using play sand and Ziplock bags.  Here’s what I did:


That right there is about 145 lbs of sandbags or so.  I used three bags of play sand bought from a big box home improvement store for less than $5 per bag.  I then loaded them into a baggie, which was then stuffed in another bag, then sealed with duct tape.

The large bags weigh around 20 lbs each, and the small ones are about seven lbs.

Like in the video, I throw them in a duffle bag and go to town.

Realistically, if you’re just starting out, 145 lbs or so is plenty for you.  You’re unlikely to be able to work out with much more than this for a lot of exercises so this may be enough.

If it’s not, well, there are options to explore such as putting 50 lbs of pea gravel in a contractor’s trash bag, sealing that up with zip ties and duct tape, putting it all in an old military sea bag.  You can do that as many times as you need until the bag is full…and that’s about 250 to 300 lbs of unwieldy sandbag.

Either way, the point is that strength training can be done with a minimum of equipment…or no equipment.  For many people, including myself, calisthenics is more than enough of a workout.

The point is, there are options that don’t take place in a gym, don’t require a massive outlay of money.  You don’t actually need barbells or dumbells, at least not now.

Further, this cost looks even better when you consider the whole family can use these sandbags.  Compare that $15 to a family membership for a month.

Now, I’m not telling you to kill your gym membership if you have one.  Sandbags aren’t everything.  You can do a lot with them, but a fully equipped free weight gym will let you do a lot more.

However, if money is tight?  Yeah, you have no excuses.