‘The Future Is Female’? Beta Males And Real Men, A Contrast

Following the election of Donald Trump, half of the country seems to have lost its ever-loving mind.  I get illegal immigrants freaking out since he’s made it clear he wants them out of the country, and I can understand some Muslims also being concerned, but a large number of people who are in neither category are acting like “the end is nigh.”

Co-workers of one such individual decided to make the woman feel better about life in general, so they came up with this:


Photo from Bedford and Bowery, by Claudia Matos
Photo from Bedford and Bowery, by Claudia Matos

Wow.  The woman, Monica Singh, was thrilled.

The men of the world cringed, however.

Monica was in tears– “happy tears this time.”

“Our male colleagues are with us and ready to fight — for pay equality, women leaders, and reproductive rights,” she wrote in the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation. “They gave me support, hope and solidarity at just the right time.”

I’m glad she was thrilled with this because it’s about the most useless thing ever.

First, let’s address the fact that an office full of males, and they are doing nothing to offer genuine protection.  Not a thing.  Singh is fine with this but in a world of “hashtag activism,” it’s hardly surprising.  Pointless gestures that accomplish nothing are kind of an in thing right about now.

Next, what about the idea that “the future is female?”

Absolute bovine excrement.

The future is what it is, and it’s unknowable to us.  However, if it’s “female” in any way, then that would imply nothing that’s actually good.

Imagine that I wore a shirt that said “The Future is Male” on national TV so as many people as possible could see it.  What do you think the backlash would be?  Blog posts and op-eds would speed around the globe about what a misogynist I am and how I envision a future where women are oppressed, right?

Then how is “the future is female” any different?  How does it not call for a misandrist future where men are no longer permitted to be men?

Singh’s coworkers may have been trying to make her feel better, but come on folks.  If the worst thing that ever happens to her is that her candidate loses an election, she’s way ahead of the curve.

Now, let’s contrast Singh’s beta male coworkers with some other males I read about yesterday.

You may have heard about a knife attack at Ohio State University.  Early reports were that it was an active shooter situation, though, but regardless there was an armed man on a college campus where no one is supposed to be armed.  It was a tense situation.

However, a student interviewed by CNN via phone reported something amazing.

She said casually to the TV anchor over the phone, “But we happened to have a few ‘military guys’ in my class and the minute we got the text message alert of an ‘active shooter on campus’ they moved the rest of us away from the door and then all of them stood guard right by the door.” She said they were standing there as she spoke making certain if a shooter or someone with a knife or whatever calamity tried to come through that door, they would be the first thing he’d see and they’d stop it and protect the other students or die trying.
These guys weren’t armed, I’m guessing they weren’t in uniform, they were just students who happened to have military training. Those “military guys” instantly put themselves on the clock and assumed the position to protect those unarmed, vulnerable students.

[Emphasis Added]

And that, folks, is how you embody the idea of being a protector.  That was someone who really wanted to make sure other people were safe.  That, folks, is what being a man is all about.

There was no faux activism, no claims to make a woman feel a little better after her turd sandwich candidate lost to someone else’s turd sandwich candidate that will be soon forgotten.  Instead, there was a quiet resolve to make damn sure everyone else in that room walked out of that building or die trying.

Guess which one had the greater impact?

Look, I don’t really care that a bunch of guys wanted to tell their coworker it’ll be OK in and of itself.  I don’t.

What bothers me is that they’re ready to throw men under the bus in order to do it and embrace a misandrist future that offers absolutely nothing to men except misery.

Meanwhile, real men are quietly making their stands when it matters and they’re the ones those guys are ready to sacrifice in order to make a whiny woman who is completely freaked out over an election feel better.

The future isn’t female.  It isn’t male.  It’s neither.  It’s the future, and we’ll find out what it’s like when we get there, but it doesn’t have any kind of gender.