Men And Women Alike Are Shunning Relationships…And We Can Stop It

Relationships are tough.  Anyone who has been in one knows how tough they can be.  It’s also not unusual for someone who has just gotten out of a relationship to want to take a bit of a break before delving into the waters of long-term companionship.

Photo by Don Hoang
Photo by Don Hoang

Unfortunately, a number of people of both sexes are opting to forgo real relationships in exchange for virtual ones.

More and more Japanese millennials are opting for virtual relationships over real ones. That’s right, instead of dating a human being, they’re dating their favorite film or anime character, even a meme or character in a video game. It’s a cultural trend that’s sparked the creation of a multi-million dollar “virtual romance industry” in Japan. And it has Japanese sociologist Masahiro Yamada rather frightened for his country’s future.

However, it’s not just Japan that’s having these issues.  Not by a long shot.

The situation Yamada lays out isn’t all that far off from the one most American sociologists have pinned on our own millennial generation. Lacking income stability, Japanese millennials remain safe in their parents’ nests, hesitant to take risks in both career and relationships. Quite frankly, it’s easier to stay in your childhood bedroom and create a virtual world through your computer where you can and always will remain in control of everything – including your romantic partner.

Further, technology is already developing that will make it so men, and probably women as well, will be able to meet their physical needs without ever interacting with a member of the opposite sex.

This does not look good for humanity.

However, all isn’t lost.  You see, this trend is taking place for several reasons, and not all of them deal with risk.

Since starting this project, I’ve encountered numerous women who lament the complete lack of “real men.”  These women, when asked to articulate it, describe a man who is tough, strong, brave, capable, and loving and sensitive.  Further, they tend to agree that “sensitive” shouldn’t be taken to mean “cries all the time and doesn’t know how to man up.”

Many women who are single aren’t afraid of the risk of a new relationship, they simply haven’t encountered many males in their age category worth the risk.  Instead, they get wannabe lumberjacks who don’t even know how to change a tire.

I know it sounds pretty self-serving, but this site and the information it contains, along with my book, can help to change that.  Males who take this information and embrace it, then use it to transform themselves, will suddenly be worth the risk.

Of course, at that point, the question is whether the women will be.

I’ve said before that I have no intention of defining what is feminine, since as a man that isn’t my place.  I’m going to continue that.

My philosophy has been that men need to be men, and if we stick to that and do it well, the rest will take care of itself.  Women will want that and when these men aren’t interested in them, they’ll strive to figure out why.  It’s kind of the natural order of things.

Yes, I’m basically putting this on men.  We can change the entire world by enough of us changing ourselves.

Frankly, it sounds like humanity needs us.