Clearing Your Home With A Handgun

One of the most important roles any man will ever fulfill is to protect their home and their family.  Most do so by making sure doors are locked, windows are secured, etc., and that’s great.  However, locked doors and windows will only do so much, unfortunately.

What happens if someone decides to enter your home?

If you’ve already purchased a handgun like I’ve advised, then you need to learn how to use it.  In addition to static shooting on a gun range, you need to learn how to search your home for bad people who want to do bad things.  This video can help get you started:

Now, practicing this in your house can be…interesting.  It’s a good way to put holes in your walls, after all.

There are ways to train for this without that, however.

First, you can spend the money to go and get some specialized training in a shoot house like the one in the video.  This lets you conduct live fire training in a 3D environment.  Unfortunately, this can be a little expensive to do regularly.  While it’s good to learn from the pros, it may not be cost effective to train this way.

A cheaper way is to buy an airsoft version of your pistol.  These feel fairly close to the real weapons, but shoot plastic BB-like rounds that are far less likely to damage your walls or furniture.

One day, when the family goes on an outing, you simply stay home and drill with clearing your house.  Do it both with and without threats, just to keep it fresh.  In fact, having a family member arrange targets without telling you if or where they are is a good way to keep you from getting complacent.  After all, bad guys aren’t always going to be where you think they should be.

Hopefully, your family will be able to chuckle about Dad’s paranoia someday.  Unfortunately, however, there are just enough times when things like this happen to warrant being cautiously prepared for such situation.

In the meantime, however, using an airsoft gun is a great way to pass these skills on to your children.

Just be sure to emphasize to your family that the odds of needing a skill like this are pretty remote, but that it’s your job to make sure you can deal with it in the unlikely event you need it.  After all, you need to know how to use a fire extinguisher, right?  Same thing, really.


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