Latest Masculinity Project

By virtue of working on this site, it’s important to note that masculinity is important to me. How important? Well, while I’ve been working on this site, I’ve also been working on this project:

That’s right, folks.  A book on being a man.  I have literally written the book on being a man in the 21st century.

OK, I wrote a book on it, but still.

It was published yesterday for the Amazon Kindle readers and apps, which are free and are available for almost any device, including your laptop so I urge you to pick up a copy. (The above image is an affiliate link, so if you click that and buy, I get a few pennies extra.)

So far, I’m surprised by how well it’s doing.  How well, you may ask?  This was the ranking a little earlier today:


Yep. Not too shabby.

By the time you see this, I may have had some movement–either up or down–but it’s a nice start.  The fact that I’m now, technically, a bestselling gender studies author is amusing, to say the least.  Especially since I tend to mock gender studies majors as a general rule.

I hope everyone will snag themselves a copy of the book, and if you do and you enjoy it, please offer up a review on Amazon.  Reviews help sell books, plus when you hit a certain point of having so many reviews, it triggers things in Amazon’s algorithms and helps sell more books.

So, as you can see, taking a few minutes to write a review will help spread the message and help rebuild masculinity.  It’s a win for everyone!