Why A Site Like This Is Needed

Once upon a time, men had it easy.  We knew what was expected of us and we could do it.  Yes, that time wasn’t great for everyone, but it was for us based on that one simple reason alone.

Then, things changed.  Women got it in their heads that they not only needed to defend what women should and shouldn’t be and do, but also sought to define masculinity as well.

Photo by Jon Rogers
Photo by Jon Rogers

Frankly, little else annoys me worse than feminists seeking to complain about male-focused things.  Not that they care because, apparently, women are the reigning experts on men and masculine stuff

For example, at The Daily Dot they regularly ask “Are men OK?” but then let people who say things like this write the stories:

From the outside, it looks like any other hipster roaster—beans roasted to order, impeccable branding, a Blue Apron-esque monthly delivery service—but a look at one of its ads (in collaboration with the filmRange 15) tells a different story of manliness and virility and big, big muscles.

Guns? Check. Woman in a bikini? Check. Is her bikini in American flag colors? You betcha. Rant on the “pussification of the American male”? Yup. Kicking a racist caricature of an Islamic person in the head? That too. Joke about cops not arresting a white man because he “didn’t break the fucking law”? Eep. An entire taxidermied deer? For some reason, yes. And then finally, at the end, a bag of coffee.


Judging from its ad, on some level, Black Rifle thinks they’re trying to be funny. It’d be easy for them to just chalk it up to “tongue in cheek” humor and accuse anyone who takes it too seriously of not being able to handle a joke—or worse, trying to disrespect the troops. But on another level, we know it’s very serious about using racist stereotypes and violence to sell quality coffee. Someone should tell Black Rifle about the “spiritual ascendency of the sperm.” Seems like it’d make a great followup ad.

Actually, they succeed at being funny.  They so-called “racial stereotype” had more to do with the general ethnicity this generation of men fought in war than any genuine racial animosity.  Unless they take a line telling people if they don’t want to get shot, don’t break the law to be somehow racist. If so, that’s more telling about them than anything else.

The reality is that this ad tells their target audience–an audience which doesn’t include whiny feminists at The Daily Dot–that this is a company that embraces their values.  In this case, it’s signaling to men in general and veterans in particular that this is a product made with them in mind.

The author of this piece, Jaya Saxena, is the brainiac behind the whole “Are Men OK?” thing at The Daily Dot.  Of course, she’s also one who thinks crap like this:

Of course, all it takes to be a “real man” is to identify as one, and for some men it is very important to do so, thus the shirt touting “real man.” Even if you’re into child’s pose or talking about what your wife does, the fact that you have to point out you’re “real man” is mostly about proving your masculinity is still intact, despite these proclivities. The shirts are also a joke, like, “See, I can still be a real man and have cats!”

Men, you don’t need to do anything. Though the dishes are nice.

Translation?  Anyone can be a man so the term doesn’t mean crap.


When I talk about women trying to redefine masculinity, this is what I’m talking about.  Anyone who “identifies” as a man is a man, so the term is completely meaningless.  After all, the daintiest girl imaginable may “identify” as a man, and according to Saxena here, that’s good enough.

No, it’s not.  Not by a long shot.

Oddly enough, if men tried to define femininity for Saxena, what do you think would happen?  Screaming and lamentations would be just the start.

Immediately, those men would be labeled misogynists trying to bring back The Patriarchy.  They’d be labeled wrongheaded and completely out of line for trying to tell women how to be women.  After all, what do men know about what it’s like to be a woman?

However, that wouldn’t stop them from applying the double standards feminism rightly decried for so many years themselves.  They feel no remorse or shame in trying to redefine what it means to be a man to fit their own pathetic needs for absolute control over all aspects of society.

After all, it’s not enough that they might not want to order Black Rifle Coffee Company’s products.  No, they want to undermine everything in that ad because they don’t want you to want to order their products either.