Things I’ve Learned Post Hurricane

Hurricane Michael did a number on my world.

Don’t get me wrong, now. Others got it far, far worse than me, but it did a big enough number that I had to learn a few things about myself and trying to achieve my goals.

Today, I’m still out of town but will be heading back tomorrow come hell or high water (no pun intended) and we will have to deal with the harsh reality we left behind for more comfortable climates.

But, with that in mind, here’s what I’ve learned…

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Thursday Thoughts…But On A Friday

I didn’t do a Thursday Thoughts post yesterday, but there was a really good reason for that.

You see, my Wednesday post might be interpreted as taunting Hurricane Michael. Michael, apparently, took it personally and then took it out on my hometown of Albany, Georgia.

We had no power from about 7:30 onward. We still don’t have power in Albany.

I, however, am in Columbus, Georgia.

For what it’s worth, I and my family are safe and sound. My home is unscathed, though we had some very close calls. Big limbs and such. Many of my neighbors, though, have damage to their homes. I drove through town yesterday and was floored at the damage.

Now, we had some nasty storms last January that hit the city pretty hard and some people were without power for weeks due to tornados.

This time, the damage isn’t as extensive in each location, but the impacted area is huge. We didn’t see anywhere operating under their own power at all yesterday. What few places there were ran on generators. Luckily, we could grab some cold drinks and such.

Ice, however, was non-existent, which kind of sucked.

However, if the biggest concern you have in your life is whether or not you can get ice, you’re winning. You really are.

People died from Michael. People died in my area from the damn storm. I handle storms well, and this storm almost literally scared the crap out of me. It ran through town as a category 2 storm. That almost never happens this far inland.

Folks, I’m good so what I’m about to ask has nothing at all to do with me.

Please, if you’re able, donate to help folks who were hit by this. I’ll probably provide links to groups handling this when I know who they are, but I’m sure you’ll probably find someone even faster than I will.

I saw I don’t know how many homes damaged. Trees ripped apart and slammed into homes, power poles snapped like toothpicks, trees torn out by the roots, signs for businesses shredded and deposited Lord only knows where.

There are people who need help. If you’re able, please offer it.

Rock You Like A Hurricane

Today, I trained in a hurricane.

No, really, I did.

You see, I am slap dap in the middle of the track for Hurricane Michael. That’s not even a little bit of hyperbole. I’m 100 percent certain that I’ll be in the middle of its eye.

Because of that, even though I’m fairly well inland, we’re already getting rain and that rain is part of Michael.

So yeah, it sounds a lot more badass than it really is. Still, there was something I found through this that I thought was kind of profound.

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Tactical Tuesday: Hardening Your Home

I tend to be a slight bit paranoid. I’m a political writer in a politically charged climate. I’ve had people threaten my safety from my own side of the political aisle, much less people from the other side.

Because of that, I tend to think a lot about bad things happening.

However, most folks don’t piss off the number of people I do on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take some simple precautions to harden their home and make it a little harder for the bad people of the world to get into.

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Another Day, Another Training Win

A few days ago, I was reading something where a trainer was talking about how training should be approached a little like a job.

He wasn’t saying that you need to train eight hours per day or anything of the sort. Instead, he was trying to say that sometimes, you just have to do the training, even if it’s not particularly fun.

Of course, this hit me like a ton of bricks considering what I’d written last week and what I was then spending my weekend trying to do. After all, I wasn’t having fun. Was I wrong?

Then I did some thinking and remembered one very important thing. I remembered that if you hate your job, you find a new one, and that’s all I did.

After only one day of training with this new system, I have to say that so far, so good.

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As noted yesterday, I figured a couple of things out about my training and I needed to start figuring out a few more things.

What follows is my attempt to prioritize my goals and adjust my training accordingly. Warning: This post may include some rambling as this is literally me trying to figure some stuff out, but what the hell, right?

The thing is, by the end, I should have a plan for tomorrow and for moving forward.

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All The Difference

I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but I got my workout in and something happened that I kind of feel obligated to write about. Especially since it ties into the conundrum of the week. In other words, motivation.

You see, I went out to lift kind of late for a number of reasons, but still wasn’t really feeling particularly enthused about lifting. I knew I needed to, which is why I went to train, but…

I didn’t really want to do everything. I decided to do just two things. I wanted to bench since it was my bench day, and I wanted to do some farmer’s walks. They’re probably my favorite exercise and I haven’t really gotten a chance to do them this week.

But I also decided to do something very different.

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